Balçova-İnciralti Route

From Balçova to İnciraltı
History of Balçova dates back to the same period as the history of the hot-springs in the town does: 1200 BC.
The first residents of the town are settled on the coast of today’s Narlıdere. Back then, they move to the old village which is where Balçova is settled today to prevent the pirate invasion coming from the sea. Ayesefit, the name of the town back then, transformed into “Balçık Havi” (with gumbo) for the reason that most of the land is gumbo and later becomes “Balçova”. Today there are Agamemnon Hot-springs dating back to Roman era and a water-well with cistern from Greek era in Balçova which is a home for many civilizations. The arrival to the region of the Turks dates back to 1300's and their domination over the region to 1400's. The first municipality in the region called Balçova Village on İzmir City Map of 1910 is established in 1963.
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Magnificent view of İzmir lies under your eyes on the view peak... You can take the telpher to the peak for 6 TL and enjoy a fabulous terrace with panoramic views of İzmir bay and a dam. In the entrance right after the stop of the telpher is the view terrace. You can view İzmir closer using binoculars placed here. Along with Pancake and patty house on the view terrace, different tastes are served in the shop on the West View Terrace with a dam lake view where you can find various appetizers. In the village café, especially at the terrace on the second floor you can view the sunset among pine woods enjoying appetizers and cold and hot drinks. In Park Café next to playground you can find food for children like ice cream, cotton candy, boiled corn. Grills in Grand Café, fast-food and cold drinks in Budak Café and restricted barbecue in "Meat House" on top of the facility are at your service...

Balçova Thermal Springs

Balçova Thermal Spring (Agamemnon), named after Mycenae king Agamemnon who had attacked Troy, has been used as a healing centre for ages from ancient times to date, as mentioned in epics of Homer and writings of geographer Strabo. Although there are no remnants in the springs area, it is stated by different historical sources that a group of soldiers from Alexander the Great's army were healed in springs. Brought into daylight by Elfont Mill, a Frenchman, in 1763, Agamemnon Thermal Springs was renovated being added accommodation units and other facilities in different times. There are hot water, mud bath and drinking water in the springs. Being a healing center also using technics of modern medicine, thermal springs receive a great deal of attention both from all around the country and abroad. Water temperature goes up to 63 centigrade degrees and there is 3.3 degrees of radioactivity in water which contains sodium bicarbonate and chloride. Agamemnon Thermal Springs are mostly advised for treatment of chronic upper respiratory infections, nephrites, some inflammations, rheumatism syndromes, metabolism disorders and dermatological diseases.

Shopping Centres

Another feature of Balçova is the shopping centres laid along the strip between the highway and the town. Here you can enjoy your time in shopping centres with shops of world's leading brands from technology to construction and decoration.


With its green nature, İnciraltı is the lungs of İzmir. Back in the days, tangerine fields starting from the coast are lately disappearing. On your way to Inciraltı, at the ending point of coast road you should have a break at Marina. You can have a feast in cafés and restaurants here. Later meets you the "Kent Ormanı" (City Forest) lying along the coast. Tangerines are replaced with young trees here. Kent Ormanı is a perfect place for walking, picnics and recreation.

City Forest of İnciraltı

Once a debris dumping area, this terrain of 622 decares is now a marvellous city forest of thousands of trees. It is turned into a piece of heaven with many different kinds of trees. 3,5 times bigger than Kültürpark, lying along between Üçkuyular Ferry Station and Yenikale Cape, this terrain is a very special relaxing point with walking and biking trails inside for those who want to escape from the stress of city life. While creating the forest, more than 21.000 trees were planted on the terrain. Trees like cottonwood, mulberry, acacia, drooping willow, silk tree, eleagnus, catalpa, palm trees, sweetgum, ornamental plum, ornamental apple, acer, ash tree, bladdernut, sycamore, crape myrtle, honey locust, judas tree, sophora, pine, cypress, grevillea, linden and magnolia along with compatible plants like rosebay, sea-buckthorn, blackberry, daphnia, abelia, geranium, lavender, cotton lavender, guelder rose, pitosporum, jasmine, scarlet firethorn, tamarisk, berberis and cherry laurel brought a totally different soul to this old debris dumping area. İnciraltı coast is a perfect recreational area with playgrounds, biking trails and its green landscape. As soon as the project for cleaning İzmir Bay is completed, beaches of the city will be here in İnciraltı again as it once was. İnciraltı is also well known for its fish restaurants. Bars and cafés are also full almost every hour of the day. As well as one of the biggest shopping centres of İzmir located at Inciraltı, you can also visit "Historical İzmir Fishing Boats" and museum ships.

Ege and Pirireis Museum Ships

TCG EGE frigate and TCG PİRİREİS submarine are open to visit as "Museum Ships", on a pier built in İnciraltı in 2007. Suitable units in TCG EGE ship are formed to be used as exhibition and conference rooms and classroom for marine scouts, and other compartments are renewed and preserved faithfully. TCG PİRİREİS submarine is exhibited almost fully original but some catwalks are built to ease the entrance to and exit from the submarine. Both TCG EGE ship and TCG PİRİREİS submarine, as the first museum ships of İzmir and Aegean Region, have become an attraction for thousands of Aegeans of all ages in a short time after being opened.


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