Karşıyaka Route

Karşıyaka is still the summer resort of İzmir. With its green kordon continuously stretching from Alaybey to Mavişehir, with a bike track and a walking track, tennis courts by the sea, basketball grounds and cafés and restaurants, it is vivid every hour of the day. Easily reached by ferries from Konak, Pasaport and Alsancak piers, Karşıyaka is an attraction also with its shopping centres and venues. Karşıyaka Çarşı, right across Karşıyaka pier, is one of the oldest shopping centres of İzmir where you can find everything in various shops from cosmetics to clothing. Egepark and Kipa in Mavişehir are serving as shopping centres. Bostanlı is a base of entertainment with cafés, meyhanes, restaurants and bars. As a place alive 24 hours a day, Bostanlı is a meeting point for youngsters. Bostanlı Open-Air Theater is home for many activities like concerts and theatres during summer. Don't forget to see Karşıyaka, this town with a genuine coastal atmosphere with its green streets, Çamlık Street being in the first place, and palm trees all along the coast. You should start exploring historical attractions of Karşıyaka by visiting tomb of Zübeyde Hanım...
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Ferik Osmanpaşa Mosque

It is the mosque on Zübeyde Hanım Street in Bahariye Quarter, Karşıyaka. This mosque with an individual minaret, built by Ferik Osman Hilmi Pasha, commander of 63rd İzmir Secondary Brigade, 32nd division, 3rd. Army Corps., was completed in 1901. In the backyard of the mosque, which is the second mosque of Karşıyaka after Soğukkuyu Mosque, lays the tomb of Zubeyde Hanım, Atatürk's mother. The shape of the tomb was decided by Atatürk personally and it was built by İzmir Municipality in 1940.

Latife Hanım Memorial House

Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha declared his intention to marry Latife Hanım in a meeting held at Azerbaijan Embassy on January 4th., 1923. Gazi told about his intention of marrying to his mother who wanted him to marry so much. Going to İzmir to recover was advised her by doctors. This trip to İzmir brought her the opportunity to meet her future daughter in law as well. Zübeyde Hanım was met by Karşıyaka folks at the station on December 18th, 1922, and embraced. She welcomed İzmirians visiting her on the wagon and met Latife Hanım here as well. Due to the illness of her knees she was carried on a wicker chair to the mansion of Latife Hanım's family close to the station. This mansion named "Latife Hanım Memorial House" is a three storeyed building built as a resort by Uşakizade family. Zübeyde Hanım left the horse named Sakarya she brought with her to İzmir in this mansion. The day after his marriage with Latife Hanım, Gazi firstly visited his mother's grave and the rid horse and walked about in the garden of the mansion with Latife Hanım. That night Gazi and Latife Hanım stayed at an outbuilding of this mansion. In the mansion where Zübeyde Hanım, great leader Atatürk's mother, lived for 28 days and died, the room she passed away was arranged as a memorial room. Some goods belonging to Latife Hanım and Atatürk, donated by inheritors of the mansion are exhibited in this room and other rooms. Wax sculptures of Atatürk, Zübeyde Hanım and Latife Hanım curved by Professor Doctor Yılmaz Büyükerşen can also be seen inside the mansion. There are exhibition areas and a cafe in the backyard of the mansion. After being restored, the mansion was open for visit as "Latife Hanım Memorial House" on July 9th, 2008.

The one mosque named after Atatürk: Kemalpaşa Mosque

The mosque is built by Harbi Hotan who is known as "architect of İzmir". Club of İzmir Chamber Of Commerce, İzmir Atatürk Indoor Sports Hall, Olympic outdoor and indoor swimming pools, Atatürk Stadium and athletics track next to it, Fair Wedding Hall, Pakistan Hall in the Fair are among those built by Harbi Kotan, along with Karşıyaka Kemalpaşa Camii. Harbi Kotan defines architecture as "the unison of many factors in a balance and harmony". Experts on architecture rhapsodise Harbi Kotan's manual dexterity. Kemalpaşa Mosque's foundations were laid on March 27th, 1959, and it was opened for worship on Sunday, February 4th, 1962.

Karşıyaka Train Station

On July 4th., 1863, Englishman Edward Price who obtained prerogative of İzmir – Suburb line started construction of a line to bring products of Gediz basin together and transport them to İzmir port. Another purpose of this line was to connect two suburbs of İzmir, Karşıyaka and Bornova, to the city. Line was to start from Basmane, next to city centre. On today's Hilal, the line crossed with Aydın line and went on its way. Back in those years this place was called "cross". After Republic it is changed into "Hilal" (crescent). Karşıyaka Kordelya Station was put into service on July 20th, 1965, the same day as Bornova Station was. At the beginning, while Manisa Mail Train was stopping by Karşıyaka, so many people took the train for Karşıyaka that another line from Basmane to Karşıyaka started. The company also obtained a specific enactment on the issue. The company built Yalı station after Karşıyaka Station. Later on, today's Nergiz (Hacıhüseyinler back then) and Çiğli Stations were put into service. Following this, especially workers working at textile factories and fig plants used the line intensively. In 1889 on Basmane-Karşıyaka line, a passenger fell of the train and died. Ottoman Nafta Administration banned suburban lines due to the lack of efficient safety measures. This prohibition attracted great objections back then. The line was open again in 1891. Karşıyaka line had some important initials in railways history. The first combined transportation in railways history is carried out in Karşıyaka. Combined tickets implementation with suburban lines and horse trams started on August 21st, 1903. With one ticket one could go from Konak to Basmane by tram, from Basmane to Karşıyaka by train and from there to Soğukkuyu and Papaz (Bostanlı) through Osmanzade (Aksoy) by tram again. The first classification was also applied in Karşıyaka trains. In 1984 it used to write "edna" (ordinary), "evsat" (average) "ala" (very good) on the wagons. Later Governor Hasan Fehmi Paşa had these writings changed with "first", "second" "third". Luxury wagons were lightened with electricity. Besides, first student ticket was put into service in Karşıyaka line. Workers of the suburban lines went on strike due to low wages in 1911. They got wage increase of 23-30 percent and some social rights. At the end of Independence War, with Mudanya Armistice, İzmir-Aydın railway was handed to English in November 1st, 1922, İzmir suburban lines to French on December 15th, 1922. After Lozan Treaty, signed on July 24th, 1923, all railways, except for those in İzmir, were handed back to their real owners, that is to say Turks. İzmir suburban lines were nationalized on May 31st, 1934 and İzmir – Aydın line on May 30th, 1935.

Hamza Rüstem Photography Museum

The adventure, starting with camera obscura, and development of photography is demonstrated via a camera from 1870 to another from 1970, in the museum open in 2011. A collection of Mert Rüstem, an İzmirian collectioner, is also exhibited. Photographs that offer an insight to history of Republic, city and life photographs, as well as Cretan Era photographs of Hamza Rüstem's, can also be seen in the museum.

Science Museum

In the museum, there are learning stations, aspiring to show basic principles of science, technological developments, effects of science and technology on our daily lives to people of all ages, especially 12-15 age group and around one hundred testing apparatus along with around 15 interactive kiosks. These learning stations can be seen in groups accompanied by expert guides. The museum is open from 10.00 to 17.00 all days of the week except from Sunday.

Bostanlı Open-air Archaeology Museum

90 pieces of monuments are exhibited in the museum open in 1987. Besides, there are painting studios within the park. Open-air Archaeology Museum, open in 1987 within Bostanlı Fine Arts Park was totally renewed in 2011 and became a tourist attraction for especially cruise tourists.


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