One Night At İzmir

We have different expectations and opinions of a nice, pleasant night. Are you seeking a romantic night, or deep conversations with the beloved ones, or entertainment accompanied with music and dance? Do you prefer crowds or tranquillity? In colourful Izmir you can have a night full of joy!

At Kordon

Let’s mingle freely with the youth lying on the grass at Kordon under a bright sky. Take your drinks and snacks, lie on the grass, watch the picturesque sunset views, and move into deep conversations. You’ll love it. The cafes and restaurants lined up along Kordon offer a colourful social life. Even after the sun sets giving way to the lights of Kordon, the mild breeze from the sea will company you in the restaurants. Along with the delicious snacks served at its bars, Kordon also invites you to a delightful feast of flavours from World cuisines. You can have a wide variety of tastes from pizzas to salads, seafood to french style meat dishes and unique kebabs of Turkish cuisine at Kordon, not to mention the delicious snacks served at its bars. You finished your long night with a soup at one of the soup restaurants. Now how about having breakfast at Kordon? Many Kordon cafes offer special breakfast menus. We recommend cheese omelette to start a bea¬utiful day.

Gazi kadınlar Street

Gazi Kadınlar may seem a tiny street during daytime but at night it’s the most vibrant and colourful street of Alsancak. Mostly flooded with youth, the street has many cafes and pubs. Leave yourself to the flood of crowd, and wait for the music effusing from one of these pubs to pull you in.

Muzaffer İzgü Street

One end of this street opens to Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street and the other to 2nd Kordon. Resembling almost a car¬nival place at weekends, the street keeps it liveliness on weekdays too with numerous pubs, restaurants and cafes offering entertainment and high spirits.

Bornova Street

It is the street running from Alsancak Railway Station to 2nd Kordon. Featuring two different faces at day and night, this street has several night clubs, meyhanes, soup restaurants, and snack shacks.


Located on the south coast of the Bay, Inciraltı is simply the lungs of Izmir with its vegetation. The cafes and fish restaurants lined along the coastline still keep their unique character. Inciraltı, with its locati¬on both in and out of the city, is a centre of attraction for Izmirians. You should taste mussles and fish dishes there. Another spot of flavour on the way to Inciraltı is Marina, a frequent destination not only for seamen but also for foodies.


Now we’re at the north coast. You can have a pleasant walk on the shore at the sunset, and indulge yourself by having something to drink with some snacks at the bars street or at the street parallel to the coast. You’ll love the opposite shore of Izmir too.

Küçükpark at Bornova

Küçükpark is a haunt for students with its colourful and affordable cafes and pubs lined up on both sides of the street. It is the liveliest spot at Bornova night and day and easy to access by means of public transport inclu¬ding metro. You should visit Küçükpark and enjoy ming¬ling with the crowd before leaving Izmir.

Turan night clubs

Are looking for an elegant night club with special tastes? You must come to Turan. The luxurious night clubs here are located right at the seafront and offer quality music and drinks. Do not forget to book your table before coming.


Basmane quarter of downtown İzmir is one of the city’s oldest quarters keeping its authenticity. Beer houses where you can gather with friends and watch a football match and night clubs with nice ‘Shows’ are mainly located here.


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