Shopping Route

İzmir offers variety of choices for shopping including many shopping malls all around the town as well as local bazaars. In Kemeraltı, one of World’s oldest marketplaces, which has been mentioned in details above, you can find thousands of products in hundreds of shops. Now let’s have a look at the other shopping venues in Izmir.


Alsancak is ‘pure İzmir’ truly resembling the town. As a well-known, beautiful poem on Izmir goes, you can smell the "fragrance of both ladies and the sea" best in Alsancak, the liveliest and most vibrant quarter of the town. Maybe due to the phonetics of its name or maybe because of its atmosphere, Alsancak is the first place that comes to mind for shopping in İzmir. The luxurious brands appealing to higher classes side by side decent affordable boutiques demonstrates the colourful variety of Alsancak. Luxury class stores of famous World brands are within a close vicinity around Mustafa Bey Street, Plevne Avenue and Gül Street.

Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street

Let’s walk by Sevinç Patisserie into Kıbrıs Şehitleri, the town’s popular meeting spot. You’ll see cheerful people, all smiling, typical for Izmirians. You can see a lot of different faces here but for sure not an ugly one. As a town inhabited by migrants from Greece and Balkans, Izmir is the capital of beauty and freedom in Turkey. Kıbrıs Şehitleri purely reflects the spirit of İzmir, one can say. And, shopping… What colours the street is doubtlessly not only the cheerful people but also several shops and stores along, which are as diverse as the people there. In these shops of all sizes and styles, you can find a wide range of goods varying from ethnic designed handmade bags and leather shoes to souvenirs, stylish hats and accessories to clothes, at affordable prices. Also, famous World brands has their stores on Kıbrıs Şehitleri. On the alleys between Kıbrıs Şehitleri and Alsancak Railway Station, there are bibliopoles and second-hand book sellers where you can smell the atmosphere of the past and find books which you can’t in modern bookstores. The side streets from Kıbrıs Şehitleri to Kordon hold a lot of colourful pubs and cafes where you can have your coffee or beer after shopping tiredness and rest your head inebriated by İzmir.


Hang on to your bag, we’re going to Kemeraltı! The only thing which you can’t buy from Kemeraltı, the centre of shopping for 400 years, is the past. Because past is for free here. The caravanserais that used to host merchants and their camels in the past are shopping centres today. And love? Of course it is available too. You can buy a handkerchief from a kid for 1 lira, and you’ll get his love too. Let’s face it, the marketplace is very complex and confusing, and the crowd in the streets make you worry you’ll get lost. You do not even realise how you arrived at the pet shop from a natural herbs shop, from a ceramic shop to a wedding shop. Anyway, don’t worry. Kemeraltı has an arch-like layout and you’ll somehow get back to your starting point on somewhat around it. Or in the worst case, it is quite easy to get to one of Çankaya and Konak Metro Stations, even without asking somebody in this jungle of shops and stores.

Kızlarağası Caravanserai

With its matchless architecture, Kızlarağası Caravanserai now serves as a shopping centre with 200 small shops. The 300 year old building holds souvenir shops, tattoo studios, antique shops and so on. You step into the past as you step in it. The old clocks, radios, cameras in antique shops are worth watching. Each floor and each section of the caravanserai smells history. Buy a souvenir for yourself and gifts for your beloved ones, and do not forget to have a cup of Turkish coffee in the courtyard. You’ll remember it another 40 years.


Karşıyaka Market Street Disembark from the ferry from Konak to Karşıyaka, walk out of the pier and walk across the street, and the street lying before you is Karşıyaka Market Street, with endless rows of shops on both sides. Boutiques, cafes, stores of World brands and even a coffee shop with a long queue in front of it all day… This endless looking street takes only three minutes to walk to the end unless your walk is not interrupted by something, which is almost impossible. It won’t let you go, even if you are not interested one, another shop pulls you in. Then the smell of kokoreç (charcoal grilled seasoned mutton intestines) and kebab in the air makes you feel starving and you end up in a restaurant, what’s more you have not even walked half of the street. You eat and resume walking. There are cheap boutiques, custom-made shoe shops and bookstores on the side streets. Friendly, chatty shopkeepers company you all along the street. Its mild atmosphere aside, only this friendliness itself makes you say ‘Yes, this is İzmir!’ And finally when you reach Karşıyaka Railway Station, you feel like you’ve walked kilometres, with full bags, full stomach and the taste of Karşıyaka in your mouth… Shopping Malls in Karşıyaka There are some big shopping malls around Karşıyaka, Mavişehir and Çiğli. Thanks to technology stores, you can keep up with technology and buy the latest technological devices. In these malls containing stores of world famous brands you can find anything you want from shoes to clothes. And, food courts serve a wide variety of tastes from fast food to Turkish cuisine, deserts and coffee.

Shopping Malls in Balçova

Balçova is the last metropolitan district before taking the highway to Çeşme and home to large shopping malls opened one after another. There is a bus stop in front of each mall, which says a lot about their sizes. And, of course you must visit them… Agora Agora Mall is named after the ancient ‘Agora’ which meant marketplace. Agora Mall offers a wide variety of alternatives from outfits to accessories, from cosmetics to soft furnishing, music, books , electronics, movie theatres, hobby, DIY, toys, entertainment and many others. Restaurants serving various flavours from Turkish and World cuisines to enhance your palatal experience are located on both floors of the mall. And the open air a-la-carte restaurants welcome their guests with alcohol and non-alcohol beverages after 22.00. KİPA The mall which also houses a large furniture store and a two storeyed supermarket, contains stores of famous Turkish and international brands. On the food floor, there are various restaurants as well as a gym. Large movie theatres are also on this floor. Asmaçatı Mall Inspired by traditional pergola style, Asmaçatı is a weatherproof open air space thanks to the ivy-like metal covering on its roof. It houses several stores and restaurants to meet every day needs. On the ground floor of this two-storeyed mall, there are a hypermarket, a white goods store, furniture and technology stores, a large fitness centre and cafes. The mall also has open and closed parking spaces for guests. Selway Outlet Selway Outlet keeps introducing famous brands to the consumers. Including a food court of around 2000 square metres, the mall’s blocks on both sides of the highway are connected via specially designed bridges. Among the goods and services Selway Outlet offers are; men, women and kids wear, accessories and optics from world famous brands, technology and electronics stores, supermarkets, footwear, bags and soft furnishing products, household appliances and accessories, toys, hobby and DIY products and many others. The mall that is located within a close distance from the airport and expo centre is also within 30 kilometres drive from Çeşme. Media Markt The two storeyed technology store covers a fairly large area. Located at the Üçkuyular side of Balçova, the store offers a wide range of technology and consumer electronic products from white goods to TV sets, computers to phones, vacuum cleaners to mp3 players. Palmiye Mall The mall includes garment, shoes and bags stores, jewellery stores, souvenir shops, carpet stores, restaurants and cafes. Palmiye Mall also houses an outpatient clinic and a movie theatre on the basement floor.

Other Shopping Malls

Forum Bornova Forum Bornova which is the first open air shopping mall in the Aegean Region is the centre of change, entertainment and shopping. Located on a 200.000 square meters area net to Ege University in northeast İzmir, Forum Bornova also offers easy access to its visitors. Consisting of open and closed areas, Forum Bornova houses, along with 128 stores including famous local and international brands, IKEA, Kipa Extra Hypermarket, Cinemaximum Movie Theatres including 7 halls and parking spaces with 3000 vehicle capacity. Optimum Outlet Optimum Outlet houses large stores such as 5M Migros, Koçtaş, Media Markt and Decathlon. It meets all needs and expectations from a mall with its Food Court offering various flavours appealing to all tastes, terraces, playgrounds for children and also an ice ring. Located within close distance to the Expo centre and the airport, Optimum Outlet is also very close İzban Esbaş station. İzmir Park Outlet Containing 65 stores with over 80 brands, İzmir Park offers a wide variety of products and services including a supermarket, stores of consumer electronics, soft furnishing, garments, leather and accessories, a game arcade, movie theatres and many others. The uppermost floor of the mall houses only movie theatres and food court consisting of 35 boutique, 5 full service and 12 fast food restaurants. Folkart Çarşı Folkart Çarşı, within Folkart Towers is designed as a social niche where the visitors can easily fulfil their everyday needs and expectations. Located in Bayraklı, the newly developing centre of İzmir, Folkart Çarşı houses famous national and international brands as well as İzmir’s own brands. Easy to access from all over Izmir, the mall can meet all your everyday needs with its wide variety of offerings from hairdressers to a market, restaurants and garment stores.


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