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Now we are going to some special venues that will make you happy… Some may fall out of your interests, but you must visit the Natural Life Park and the Bird Sanctuary which is next to it. Kültürpark is a green heaven in the very heart of İzmir where you can go for a walk and join social events. There is also an Olympic ice ring in İzmir where you can have your first ice-skating experience in company with professional trainers. Home of the longest standing fair in Turkey, İzmir still hosts various fairs, exhibitions and congresses. Have a look at ‘Fuar İzmir’s programme. And the telpher, another great opportunity to watch the city’s bird’s-eye-view and to embrace the Bay. It’s at your disposal in Balçova. Additionally, here are three alternatives for you to tour the city: Take a bike ride along the banks of the Bay, take a Tour Bus, or a phaeton to roam about the town.

Natural Life Park

The Natural Life Park which is a first in Turkey is located on a 425 decares of land in Sasalı district of İzmir. Do not compare the park home to even tropical plants and animals, to a zoo. Because there are no iron bars and cages here. All animals are free except from the snakes which are kept in large glass cages. The living spaces of wild animals are divided from each other and the visitors by ditches or glass fences. Each animal has its natural habitat provided, they are not kept in tiny areas. The routes are shown with sign boards in the park and there are also information boards about each animal. You can have a nice weekend at this park with peacocks laxly strolling around.

Ice Rink

Do you like ice sports? The Olympic Ice Rink and Ice Hockey Hall within Aşık Veysel Recreation Area provides İzmir the opportunity to host various national and international sports events including World and European Championships. The complex is also open to public, with sports, culture and arts and relaxation facilities. The Olympic ice rink rests on an area of 12 thousand square meters. The complex also includes an amphitheatre with 5000 seats, 3 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, a mini football field, an artificial pond, café, playgrounds, cycle track, walking trail, outdoor sports tools park, observation terraces and resting areas. The fee for a 45 minutes session of ice skating pleasure is 15 liras for adults and 10 liras for students. The ice rink is open until 17.00 on weekdays and 19.00 at weekends. Kızılay Mahallesi 506 Sokak 1, Aşık Veysel Recreation Area, Bornova • Telephone 232.293-4212


Kültürpark was initially opened, upon Ataturk’s request, with a view to strengthen Turkey’s economic and cultural relations with other countries. After hosting for long years various fairs and exhibitions from textiles to industrial products, books to ornamental plants, ıt is now handing over its mission to Fuar İzmir, the new expo centre. Kültürpark houses several sport, art and cultural facilities such as 14 closed exhibition halls, 4 conference halls, Ataturk Amphitheatre, İsmet İnönü Art Centre, İzmir Art, Fair Wedding Hall, Celal Atik Sports Hall, Funfair, Zoo, Parachute Tower, Youth Theatre, Painting and Sculpture Museum and İzmir Museum of History and Art. Along with cultural facilities it also houses sports facilities including a 1850 meters tartan track, swimming pool, sports hall, tennis courts and football fields. Kültürpark is a deep green area at the very heart of İzmir. No matter through which gate you enter, you’ll get away from the city as soon as you step in. There are over 8000 trees within Kültürpark and all of them are insured.

Fuar İzmir

İzmir is a city of fairs and congresses. Fuar İzmir, İzmir’s new exhibition centre built by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with its own resources, was opened on March 25th, 2015. Resting on an area of 337 thousand square meters, Fuar İzmir is Turkey’s largest expo centre. The first fair it hosted was Mable. You should have a look at fairs calendar of Fuar İzmir.

>Space Camp Turkey

A space and science centre, Space Camp Turkey offers interactive simulations within a dynamic and entertaining environment to both children and adults, stimulating their interests in mathematics and astronomy. The camp houses high technology simulators to give a feeling of living and working in the outer space. Within adult programs, you will feel like real astronauts through the simulations of accomplishing a space mission that requires problem solving and team work skills. Launching a spacecraft, observing its movement on the orbit, accomplishing a spacewalk, and landing back on Earth safely… Each member of the crew of this space mission plays an active and crucial role whatever his or her specific task is. Space Camp Turkey is the third in the world and only one in Turkey, Middle East, Southeast Europe and West/Central Asia of its kind. If you want to join the space camp, you can pick a program and register at the Reservation office or on www.spacecampturkey.com Aegean Free Zone Founder and Operator Inc. (ESBAŞ), Gaziemir • Telephone 232.252-3500


The telpher complex in Balçova offers great views of Izmir and the Bay. Especially if you are a sports and nature lover Telpher is the perfect destination for you, because it also offers paragliding and climbing activities. The self-catering restaurant, the breakfast house and snack bar within the complex offer a variety of food. The complex also includes tea gardens, and shops selling souvenirs and local products.

Bird Sanctuary

Covering an area of 8.000 hectares, İzmir Bird Sanctuary houses 200 bird species and hosts around 50.000 birds a year including birds of passage that stop over here. Red wing flamingos, Blackbirds, Dalmatian pelicans, Ruddy shelducks, Rallidaes, Magpies and Kingfishers are only some of the birds you can observe here. The bird sanctuary that is a natural and archaeological protected area includes a visitor centre building and observation towers. You can observe various birds in their natural through binoculars or have a bike ride in the area. İzmir Bird Sanctuary Visitor Centre, Menemen


If you want to leave yourself to the arms of the nature, it’s time to hit the road to Karagöl. The temperature drop of 15 degrees at once is not the only attraction of Karagöl. Around the lake sitting on top of Yamanlar Mountain, you can have a picnic or even set up a camp if you want to spend night there. It is quite deep, nevertheless people plunge watermelons into it to cool them. With the oxygen-rich pine forests all around the lake, Karagöl is truly a heaven for nature lovers and hikers. To get to Karagöl, not very far away from the city, take Yeni Girne road from Karşıyaka Örnekköy sign, drive past the tennis courts across the highway and drive 23 kilometres towards Yamanlar Mountain.

Sightseeing Bus

Get ready for an unforgettable sightseeing tour on one of the well selected routes to explore the city’s historical and touristic beauties. The tours are by open top busses also feature guidance services via headsets and brochures in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Turkish. With your ticket valid for 24 hours, you can hop off from one bus and on to another at any stop you like.

Bisim (Izmir Public Bike Sharing System)

With its 30 stations, Bisim offers an uninterrupted ride along the coastline around Izmir Bay from İnciraltı to Mavişehir. You can rent a bike from one of the 30 stations and ride all along the city’s coastline safely on the continuous cycle lane. Bikes are available to rent for 2 liras with 25 liras of deposit by credit card. It is even faster with a membership card. www.bisim.com.tr • Telephone 232.433-5155


The Classical Victorian Phaetons with private drivers will take you to a special tour along Kordon. With this 4 leather seated classical phaeton and bay horses, you will enjoy a nice ride along Kordon at sunset accompanied by clip clops. You can get your ticket from the phaeton stops at four spots along Kordon.


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